Modern Wall Sconces Add Personality to Every Room

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Modern wall sconces are not only a practical way of lighting up your home, but also an economical one. By choosing to focus light only where it is necessary, electricity charges drop considerably, especially when paired with an LED light bulb, which uses far less energy and requires less frequent replacing.

The modern wall sconce can also showcase your individual personality in different rooms. They come in a wide range of styles and colours that suit any taste and can range from a classic dark metal and glass look out of the 1950’s to a futuristic coloured, frosted glass with intricate patterns and designs, and anything in between.

The best modern wall sconces are generally bought from a quality Canadian online retailer, which not only gives you a large selection of style choices, but also cuts down shipping costs and shopping hassles by delivering to your home from within the country.
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Advantages of Modern Wall Sconces

The sconce has been an important form of lighting a room for centuries, even before the advent of electricity. In olden times, it was primarily used to illuminate hallways via a small candle placed behind a protective glass or metal shield attached to the wall. The idea behind sconces has changed little since their primitive conception, but the technology and style behind them has advanced significantly.
Wall sconces are today often used in rooms which require light in certain areas but which do not necessarily need to light up entirely. This can be especially true in rooms such as an office where you may have the desk close to the wall or a chair specifically beside a sconce for reading, in the kitchen to illuminate the food preparation area, and even in the living room or bedroom to highlight a special piece of art or other important decoration. As sconces are attached to the wall with lights pointing up by design, they save a great deal of space as well as money by being out of the way and lighting up only a necessary area.


With today’s advancements in technology, sconces are now utilizing LED light bulb technology, which consumes about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. This makes sconces an excellent choice when looking to add a classic style with a modern twist, or when you are looking for a variety of present-day styles to light up your home.